In 1970 part of F. Craven & Sons farming enterprise at Sutterton was run by Mr. Albert Craven and his two sons, David and Malcolm.

It extended to about 350 acres of flat fertile silt land in two main sections – one around The Mill at Sutterton and the other, close by to the north-west, at Asperton.

All the emphasis was on high value cash crops with only a little over 100 acres of cereals. There was no livestock although a few beef animals were purchased to graze a 4-acre paddock near the house – there was no other grassland. A special building at The Mill was used to store and dry the onion crop and also for handling the tulips and daffodils.

The brassicas are ‘both transplanted and direct-drilled, according to requirements, and take up over 20% of the acreage at certain times of the year.