Our products include growing many types of potatoes for supermarkets and chip shops across the UK, as well as growing wheat, peas and daffodils.


We grow a number of packing potatoes for Uk supermarkets.

Our main variety is Maris Piper and we aim to grow the perfect size, shape and skin finish to meet our customers high demands.


There are two parts to our daffodil bulb crop and the flowers come first. We normally starting cropping outdoor daffodils from the middle of February through into April.

Depending on dates we hope to have Daffodils for St. Davids Day, Mothers Day and sometimes Easter.


We are members of Fen Peas and grow vining peas for freezing.

In our rotation we will often follow peas with daffodils as the pea crop normally clears three weeks prior to re planting daffodil bulbs.


This is an important break crop in our rotation allowing for an easy entry into Potatoes the following year. 

Most of our wheat is sold for animal feed wheat.